A quick note on Manav Sadhna (amazing non-profit operating in India)

[Originally published @thesunrising.com on December 18, 2007]
When several of your closest friends (whom you also happen to deeply admire as people, not the drinking buddies) (no offense dudes!) get involved with a non-profit (I hate the word ‘charity’), it says something powerful about the organization. Two of these friends, Seema Patel and Premal Shah, actually went to India at recent points in their lives and spent several months on location working with the organization, Manav Sadhna, which “is comprised of a young group of dedicated individuals working for the upliftment of poor and needy children.”
Last week, Seema and my buddy Dev hosted a fundraiser for Manav Sadhna in LA and were able to raise over $3,500. Here was the reply from the Uncle that Dev sent the check to (for my non-Indian peeps, ‘Uncle’ is a word used in respect for older fathers…call a younger father an Uncle at your own risk):
For sure this funds will go long ways and help many kids and mothers for our 32 on going projects…For example Shanta ba and her blind son slept hungry for 2 days last year because she couldn’t see any more and not work at age of 78! She came to MS community center for help. $42 gave her an eye operaton in govt hospital and $4 gave her the glasses she required after that. In two weeks she was all smiles and actually work and see the face of her widow daughter’s daughter!
They don’t accept donations on their site yet, but if you’d like to donate you can send money to Dev via PayPal and he’ll pass it along; his email addy is dev@devdugal.com.
[One comment on this post from Terrence: "glad to hear the fundraiser went well…i was bummed i wasn’t gonna be inn LA for it…"]


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